Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I need these!!

Since starting my new job I have been counting down the days to my first payday as I am really looking forward to having my own money again. I really want to carry on saving as well as go for nights out with the girls and it's always good to know christmas presents won't be a struggle.

My money will also (of course) fund my main passion in! I am such an ebay addict as my regular readers will know. I tell myself to stop looking but I just can't!! It's like an illness.... The way I see it though, Patrick plays golf and I buy shoes. It's a hobby! ;) Right now I have my eye on a pair of scruffy ankle boots, I am totally in love with them! My husband will hate then but I don't care! I love the 'rock chick' look and these will go with my new topshop tea dress or skinny jeans and a vest top.

In the meantime though I have to wait for my next shopping fix, I also really have to start looking at ideas for a wedding anniversary present for hubby. It's traditionally paper for your first one, don't know whether or not I will keep with tradition but any ideas in the meantime are very welcome!!

EBAY-A-HOLIC: Boots I have my eye on...

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