Monday, 20 August 2012

So hot!

I think everyone will agree that this weekend has been glorious weather wise! A nice little surprise before we start entering into the autumnal months. Although the way the weather behaves in this country nowadays autumn doesn't always come into full affect until nearly Christmas! Then we get a sudden shock when the temperature drops.

Anyway, I'm sure everyone who was lucky enough to experience the major heatwave made the most of it. I am not a sun worshiper at all but do love it when it's sunny outside, it makes everyone happier and you can go out and do anything from sitting in a pub garden drinking cider to laying on the beach or by the pool or going and playing sports in the park, maybe going for a day trip out somewhere. The options are endless.

I unfortunately found Saturday's heatwave very miserable indeed! Waking up with a mammoth migraine, the type I usually get after having a big night out and I couldn't shift the bugger all day which made me feel tired, grouchy and very sick! So, after having my eyelashes topped up I sat indoors with the fan on, half heartedly did the housework and washing that had long needed doing and sulked with the rabbit, who too was feeling the heat. I eventually realised that the only way I was really going to feel better is by making myself get on with my day and by not letting it bother me, drinking lots and lots of water and trying to get on with I had to / wanted to do. It was hard as my head was banging but I had a party that night so what better way to make myself feel better than watching 'Sex and the city' and pampering myself. I had wanted to go for a facial after lashes but didn't feel up to it so decided a good dry brush, facial and moisturise followed by a deep hair conditioning treatment, VERY cold shower and a make over would do the trick and make me feel human again. And it did!! Don't get me wrong... the headache stuck around, even when I was up at my friends party enjoying myself I could feel the twinges but by then it wasn't half as bad.

I had a migraine again when I woke up Sunday morning but I don't know whether that was a continuation of my heat induced headache or a hangover from the night before....I would guess the latter. Luckily a last minute day out down the seafront with Patrick's cousin and her other half sorted me out! Fish and chips followed by water wars at Adventure Island to cool down proved to be the perfect cure for any remnants of a hangover that was loitering around. Followed by (I hate to say it) a take away in the evening *face...palm* I definitely need to pull my finger out now and step up with the running this week... that amount of crappy food is just shameful! Let alone all the alcohol the night before that spurred on the need for it in the first place.


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