Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The one with a trip to Liverpool.

So this weekend was great fun (and tiring) as we ventured up to Liveroool to pay my younger bro and his girlfriend a visit.

Travelling up late on a Friday night always seems like a good idea when planning it as that way you get the journey out of the way and can have a lay in Saturday. However when it comes to it, my poor hubby does find the whole experience quite tiring especially as he gets up at 5.45am to do a 10hour shift before doing the three and half hour journey that night. Bless him! We got a complimentary beverage from the bar at Mum's hotel because of being kept waiting when she checked in which was very much appreciated indeed!
Our trip up north consisted of a shopping trip at Cheshire Oaks designer outlet (think Patrick was BEYOND bored when Mum and me were trying on coats in the Burberry shop!) Then later in the day we also went to this awesome Mini Golf' place in Liverpool 1 Shopping Centre which has a bar so you can basically play golf (badly) and drink beer as you do!

One highlight of the trip for me though (apart from seeing my bro of course) was visitng Liverpool's version of the famous 'Friends' coffee hang out Central Perk. The (apparantly) only other one in the world is in New York where the sitcom was based so it's an amazing privilege for Liverpool that the franchise has decided to set up there too (any Friends fans will agree...people like my husband won't!) The layout isn't exactly the same as the set everyone will remember from the series however the decor, furniture, colour scheme etc. is so it was quite bizarre sitting in there, it felt like sitting on the set in some strange way. I will definitely be making it a regular stop off on my visits up there.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; Liverpool is an amazing city with so much to do, great shopping, great eateries and nightlife. If you haven't been to visit...you really should!

SURREAL: Central Perk in Hatton Garden, Liverpool

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