Monday, 6 August 2012

Whoooo fits into an old pair of her super duper skinny jeans??

Yes! That would be me! I am sooo proud! We had friends coming over for drinks and a catch up last night and last minute I decided to dare and try them on. I gave myself the little pep talk before putting my first leg in telling myself to remember that they are very skinny so if they don't fit yet it isn't the end of the world and it shouldn't get me down....however, they did!! They fit and they fit GOOOOD!! So much so I wore them all of today too!

I love how good it makes me feel to fit into them again - it makes you realise your hard work is paying off and spurs you to continue with eating well. Not only that, it saves me going shopping for more jeans as I have three extra pairs I now fit back into!

I have been a little naughty this weekend but as much as I have indulged I haven't over indulged like I would of done before. I ate until I was full and only ate a small amount and enjoyed it. I decided I deserved it too!

However, tomorrow is Monday so it is back to eating well again! I really don't mind though as I am enjoying what I eat and what's more, eating little and often means you feel like you're eating all of the time! Who wouldn't like that??

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