Thursday, 23 August 2012

With age comes wisdom (teeth)

This week my poor husband has been experiencing what it is like to be at the receiving end of gaining his wisdom teeth. Some people don't experience much discomfort or not an unbearable amount anyway but for Patrick, he has found the pain insufferable. Swollen face, and flappy gums...eek! not very nice at all! Those who have been through it know how painful it can be. I've had mine come through but I didn't suffer too much luckily and some lucky buggers never get them.

It is times like this you realise how important it is to be registered with a DENTIST! Patrick is not a great believer in going to one unless there is something wrong of course and I must admit, I have always gone to a private one near my Mum (because they are all very good there) but only ever when there has been something wrong. Last time I went they said I needed an operation to remove a baby tooth and so I haven't gone back since! Although I do know it desperately needs doing....  'baby teeth aren't meant to last forever...' the consultant said to me. Don't I know it... so why this little bugger decided to hang around in my chops and not fall out like the rest of them I'll never know.

Anyway, the hunt is on now to find a dentist who can squeeze in Patrick for a check up before he overdoses on bonjela and pain relief.

Need to fight TOOTH AND NAIL to find one that isn't booked up..... boom boom..

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