Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Anniversary weekend.

Our first anniversary came and went quicker than you could say Congrats! But we had a great time in London celebrating it.

We went back ot the Punch and Judy pub in Covent Gardenn where Patrick proposed and had a couple of drinks. Had cocktails in a nice little bar down the road from our hotel and before we got too tipsy we got showered and changed into evening attire to enjoy a bottle of champagne in the Veuve Clicquot lounge at Harrods and then a three course delicious dinner at the Meridian restaurant in Piccadilly. All in all, a fabulous time was had.

Our hotel room was lush  - it was a club room so two floors which worked out well as we planned on getting ready without eachother knowing what the other was wearing... kinda like a first date theme. (Awww, are we not just TOO cute?!) Despite only having the microwave as my mirror, I don't think I scrubbed up too bad! Patrick looked OK too I guess ;)

We had a lovely time but spent wayyy too much money! Especially as we are moving! But our thoughts are that you only get one first anniversary, we can be a bit more low key next year!

BUBBLES: The Veuve Cliquot lounge in Harrods.

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