Thursday, 13 September 2012

Another new miracle cream...

I read yesterday about the latest Avon anti wrinkle cream due for release very soon and how it is meant to have convinced some of those who trialled it to postpone their plastic surgery plans for a little longer. In fact apparantly most of those who tested it noticed results and fewer wrinkles in 7days.

WOW! Doesn't this sound amazing? All for £30 too. Some might say it's a bit pricey but really, if it works then it is actually a bit of a steal! That's the big IF though isn't it? whether or not it does actually do as it says. No creams invented are going to have the dramatic affects of surgery but there are some great brands out there that work well and we know that we are meant to moisturise to keep the skin hydrated and therfore keep it younger looking so what is the harm in buying one like this which already has great feedback before even going on sale? (There is a waiting list though unfortunately ladies).

Some people already have a cream they feel is 'theirs' and have relied on it for years and will never change. I think Soap and Glory's products are amazing and they are not expensive. Cheryl Cole apparantly uses good old E45 cream as a moisturiser and doesn't have a wrinkle in sight as yet. Who know's what is best for us, we are all different after all. I must admit though, I am a sucker for trying out a new product! Especially if there is a chance of plumper, younger skin! At the moment after my Dove spa visit I am using the moisturisers and creams they recommended based on my skin type so I might resist this Avon cream for now (might). The best thing (sensible thing) would be to keep using my Dove products and read the reviews on this Avon cream when it has been on sale a few months and the hype has died down.

Whether or not I am sensible though is a whole other blog post...

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