Friday, 7 September 2012

Bore off

Sometimes when I read a mag or newspaper online, I get so depressed I wish I could stop the world and jump off. As much as there are some horrible real life stories our there that is not the reason; it is because of endless 'non stories' about 'non celebrities' - what is going on? There are more articles about people who are famous for being famous than ever before. Girls who are about 12 but are botox'd up to the max so look about 50, walking around making Christian Louboutin shoes look cheap, wearing monstrous outfits and acting as if they haven't got two brain cells to rub together.
What annoys me more is that young impressionable teens aspire to be like them. Thinking that being beautiful comes with a huge price tag and surgery bill. That you don't have to be clever just pretty with a mouth like a duck, big hair, big boobs and over the top teeth.

Women have always wanted to be more beautiful or have bigger boobs or a smaller bum, that's nothing new but this new trend is much more. Girls are made to look like they are only worth fluttering their big false eyelashes, pouting their huge fake lips while smiling with their big fake teeth. It is becoming more and more popular for girls to just want to be a trophy and not go to work or aim for something higher.
It doesn't matter if they have a degree or intelligent interests. In fact that makes you a geek. Think a goat is called a goat because it has a goatee? Haha, how funny! You're so endearing. The TV contract is in the post.

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