Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Can't decide!

As it's my birthday next month, I am looking out for a sutiable present that I can (not so) subtly suggest to my hubby to buy me. I have said I only want one pressie this year due to him treating me to a lovely, memorable first wedding anniversary and because I don't want for much in my simple little life so I don't need or want him to go out panic shopping, trying to figure out what to buy me.

Well, of course the first thing I went on the hunt for was footwear....naturally! I really want some new, chunky, funky ankle boots for Autumn / Winter kind of like the chelsea boots that are in fashion right now but chunkier, I feel personally chelsea boots wouldn't suit my figure.

Anyway, I've just been having a browse on ASOS.com and have now come across a dilemma. I have found two pairs of boots that I love and can't decide which ones I prefer! Bah!

OK so it's not the biggest crisis I could be having at half 5 on a Tuesday I know but right now this IS a dilemma...we are talking about foorwear after all!

I do like it when my only worries are what shoes I want...life is so much better.

CHOICE ONE: The first River Island boot.

CHOICE TWO:  The second River Island boot (this may be my favourite)

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