Monday, 3 September 2012


This week I have been a food monster.

There has been the odd occasion where I have made feeble attempts to make something moderately healthy to eat but other than that, my meal choices have been shameful.
Despite having several words with myself, putting on my skinny jeans that have only recently fitted again as a reminder of why eating well is a good thing and even suffering from the dreaded, major 'food guilt', I have still wanted nothing but stodge.

Well, that is it now! It is Monday again and I am back on the wagon big time! I've had my naughty week but now I'm back to eating well, little and often.

I am booby trapping any food that is considered unhealthy and throwing out all the takeaway menus.
(I'm also gaffer taping my mouth shut and chopping my hands off)

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