Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Honk if you're angry.

These past couple of mornings my journey into work has become more hellish than usual and it would seem that even leaving earlier to allow for heavy traffic only makes matters worse and me even later!

Around my way they bloody love a traffic light, it feels as though there is one on every corner I turn and not only that, every route to get me onto the motorway is a school road... Cue mothers parking here, there and everywhere to drop their kids off then add to that drivers that panic because someone has temporarily stopped in the road and they don't know how to get around them and you are left with a pretty soul destroying experience that makes me angry for the first half hour or so of my working day. After it took me 20 minutes to get about three miles (probably less) from where I live, I switched over to Magic FM on the radio in the hope a soothing station would calm my rage. It didn't. Once on the motorway, I was faced with slow moving traffic, queues of cars and lorrys because of the many MANY sets of traffic lights you have to get through and even if you do get the chance to put your foor down the average speed allowance is 50mph with cameras dotted all the way down the middle of the motorway to catch anyone who thinks it doesn't apply to them (they do clock you too, my friend was one of those who thought it didn't apply to him until he got three points and a £60 fine)

When I find myself starting to grumble, I think to myself that when we move, one of the benefits will be cutting that shitty part of the journey out. I will be closer to work and will not have to sit on that motorway trying desperately not teeter over 50mph. I also won't get caught up at a thousand traffic lights nor will I get held up by the many schools that we currently live so near to. We will have left it all behind!

All's I need to do now is remember that thought and keep my driving zen in a happy place............well at least until tomorrow mornings journey anyway.

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