Thursday, 6 September 2012

I caved!

I CAVED: I am finally using intagram and fast playing catch up!
I am having a teeny weeny revamp of my blog. Not really anything too noticable to my readers I don't think, but in my head I've had a bit of a mental sort out!

One of the things I wanted to do was make sure my posts had better pictures so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and download Instagram. I am so glad I did - it is brilliant!!

So, from now on you should see pretty, arty farty, professional looking pictures on my blog and not feeble attempts at fancy snaps.

I will also make sure I refrain from taking pictures of everything from a coffee cup to a strand of hair like other Instagram fans.

Well, I'll try to anyway...I'm not promising anything. Ok well I'll agree that if I do take random pictures of inanimate objects I won't post them on my blog.

If you do want to see my pictures of inanimate objects though please follow me! nickikinickie

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