Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I hate chaos!

The packing has well and truly started and the spare room looks like a bomb site. I can't take it!! I can't abide mess... even behind the closed door I can hear it calling out to me.

I take some comfort in the thought that this is all for a good reason and not because we are just extremely messy. This weekend we have someone coming to pick up Patrick's chest of drawers as I sold them on ebay this week. WHERE his clothes are going to go in the meantime I don't know. I have other furniture to sell too but may have to hold off a little bit just so we aren't running out of places to put stuff!!

We are also repainting the walls this weekend too so they look as good as new, just as they did when we first moved in. CHAOS! What with a pile of clothes fresh from a huge chest of drawers looking for a new home and a house rabbit running around. Something tells me we will need a big drink that night.

It's all for a good cause though...I am really looking forward to moving into our new home. I have been looking up new furniture and wallpaper and coming up with colour schemes and themes in my head!

Very exciting indeed...


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