Thursday, 27 September 2012

My latest buys.

As the Autumn season becomes ever more present, I have found myself wanting to snuggle up in funky but comfy clothes. I do desperately need a few new knitwear items but they can wait until the weather really turns cold (and until we have moved house - husbands orders!).

My latest shopping spree was on and my purchases were slouchy 'boyfriend' style tee's, perfect to go over skinny jeans or funky leggings with either a jacket or chunky cardi and  lots of accessories. They are also perfect for when you have those 'fat' days.

My main reason for buying them is because of leggings actually; I have recently bought two funky pairs but unlike some people can't get away with wearing leggings as 'bottoms' or trousers. My tummy area is not very forgiving especially in leggings so for me, slouchy tee's and vest tops are the answer to hide it completely. It is a perfect combination really as for me leggings are a casual choice of clothing anyway so it only makes sense to wear them with a casual top.

TEE ONE: Mango 'LOVE' tee in cream £17.99

TEE TWO: ASOS grey marl boyfriend tee £8.00 in the sale.
TEE THREE: ASOS 'BOOM' print tee £14.00

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