Tuesday, 18 September 2012

New Shoes!

My regular readers will by now know about my unhealthy obsession with shoes (well, I don't think it is unhealthy but my husband and bank balance may disagree) Well, I realised this weekend I am very short of nice, smart, flat (pump) shoes. I haven't bought any for AAAGES so when we were in London, I had a bit of a window shop to see what can go onto my 'must purchase' list for next pay day (although I did say I was buying new bits and bobs for the new house, playing another game of see how far you can stretch your pay it seems!) Anyway, on the train home I browsed my faithful Topshop app and found these shoes in the sale for a fiver! What's more, it was free delivery. How could I not buy them?

They look even better in real life than picture and are super comfortable.

VERY happy indeed!

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