Friday, 21 September 2012

Packing your life away.

Blimey this week feels like it has been so long! We have only had a four day week thanks to our long anniversary weekend but it feels like it has been a six day week! I guess that's what happens when you start getting ready to move and spend your evenings gradually packing your life away and slowly removing any trace of you ever having lived there. Even though we have really only packed ornaments and pictures, already it is starting to feel like living in a shell again and tonight it will be even worse as we crank the packing up a notch. Everything bar the everyday kitchen utensils, everyday bathroom stuff, sofa, bed and TV will be packed away. Pictures and clocks taken off of the wall, my 'photo hall of fame' will be taken off of the fridge (basically prints of friends and family that I have blu-tacked up to the fridge) which will make the kitchen look really strange as putting those pictures up is one of the first things I did when we moved in to make it more homely. It is starting to feel real now.
Last night it really hit home when one of my favourite things in the flat - a wall sticker quote - was removed by Patrick while he was packing up the bedroom. Because we weren't allowed to redecorate and only put pictures up the wall quote seemed a great idea to add a bit of character to the bedroom. I loved it! Now the wall looks so bare - I was laying in bed last night looking above my head thinking how strange it was that it's now gone. My brother and his girlfriend helped me put that up too and as much as it was hard work due to being fiddly it was a good giggle so I liked it for that memory too.

GONE: Patrick removing the wall quote.
 As you can probably tell by now I am quite sentimental and I have enjoyed living in our flat.. our first home! Because this move is such a whirlwind last minute decision it hasn't felt real until now. That said, as much as it is beginning to feel less homely and more chaotic, and I am sad it is the end of an era, I am so very excited to be moving into our new house. I am really looking forward to putting our mark on that place, making it a home and as sad as this sounds because it is waaaay too early to think of it; I am really looking forward to having Christmas there! It is so homely and will feel even nicer than it did in the flat especially as we have more room for our big tree! It was very crampt in the flat.

We will also have a garden and therfore can have a BBQ whenever we fancy on a summer's evening, chilling out after a hard days work. (Patrick has already dragged me BBQ shopping) It's all so exciting!!

After a summer of worries and troubles, it is so nice that this house came along. Especially as we weren't even looking to move at this time and were told about it. It is everything we said we wanted in a first house with regards to the setting, the rent, the layout, the agreement - EVERYTHING. I do believe that sometimes things happen for a reason and this house was one of them. We appreciate it more now having had to cut back, watch pennies, spend our (little) savings and worry about paying bills when neither of us was working!

That's all changed now and things are much better. Onwards and upwards!


  1. I know how packing your things feels like you’re literally moving your life away. And it’s the act of packing that makes things even harder. It’s a good thing you have a lot of things to look forward to in your new place. It’ll make leaving less difficult. How are you coping? :)

    1. Moving is definitely very stressful but now we have been in our house for a week, we feel much more settled thank you. Still a few boxes that need unpacking but we will get there! Just need to find a home for everything, you don't realise how much you have until you move.

      Thank you for reading and for your comment! :) xx


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