Monday, 3 September 2012

Pretty nails

Last week my sister in law Shelby came over to do me a set of acrylic nails. She has been having her nails done for a year or so now (maybe longer) but recently decided to start doing them at home herself (and anyone elses for £12) and started collecting the equipment and products that she needed to do them using good old Ebay. Having been doing her own for a little while now, Shelby started doing her friends too who are now regular clients.

It's so nice to have long nails again! While she was doing them I was thinking to myself that its been too long, then afterwards realised that it has pretty much been a year as I had them done at the beginning of September last year before jetting off to Kos to get married.

I remember when I had them done last year by the fabulous Vicky who does my eyelashes, I wanted them longer than I ever normally have them because I would be having photos taken of the rings etc. on the day. It took me a while to get used to them but I did in the end and felt lost without them when they were eventually taken off! This time around I got used to the length a lot quicker and I love them!

Thanks Shelby! Xx

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