Friday, 28 September 2012


On the morning of our wedding anniversary, I had just finished styling my hair when Skype rang. Patrick was on the phone and I knew it would be his mum wanting to wish us a happy anniversary. I turned off my GHD hair straighteners (which ironically I now use more so for curling) and ran into the living room to answer her call. Five minutes in (Patrick was off the phone by now) and the realisation set in of what I had done in my haste. I turned around in a panic.. Where was the bunny?!

Yep, just as I thought...

I dashed into the bathroom to find Bentley had happily chomped through my GHD lead and was about to make a start on my hairdryer lead too. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Not my GHD's....not my beloved straighteners, the only pair I have ever got on with and worked with so well. Not the straighteners that cost a minimum of £100 to buy new....£100 I haven't quite got right now what with moving in a few weeks, being about to go out for an expensive wedding anniversary AND wanting to start my christmas shopping early. Why dammit why!?

RASCAL: Culprit Bentley.
It of course wasn't Bentleys fault, it was mine for leaving the lead on the floor and the door open when it is usually closed. I know that he will always go in there when it is open because it somewhere new he isn't normally able to get into....and the lead? Well that may as well have been a welcome entree! 'Come in, take a peek and while your at it, eat me!'

My lovely neighbour and best bud says that if I buy a new lead for it her super dad can replace it for me and therefore I won't need to buy new ones so now that I have been paid, I will spend the whole evening on ebay searching for a compatible one to replace the chewed one (I'm so over dramatic; EVENING?? half hour tops!)

Since it was chewed through, my hair has been either up in a messy bun or...actually it's just been up in a messy bun. So much so my husband has now said something (Oh, so your wearing your hair like that again?) and I now no longer recognise myself with my hair down. It is half up half down today because I didn't blow dry it last night and couldn't tame it this morning yet couldn't abide putting it all up on top of my head again.

The search is on and I'm desperate...I need to get this hair crisis situation sorted ASAP! I can't have another day of ratty hair.

N.B. - Please be aware, I realise I have already mentioned my GHD disaster, as it is an ongoing crisis I felt the need to whinge again!

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