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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The continuing quest for skinnydom!

Even though summer (or what we have had of one) is slowly coming to a close and us ladies know we can once again cover up under woolies, long sleeves and thick tights, I am still very much in 'weight loss' mode, trying to keep up with eating well, finding an exercise that I don't mind and know I will keep doing (have been trying running but it really hasn't worked out) and any other ways I can to help my waistline keep shrinking... especially as I feel I have hit a lull and am no long losing any more weight.

As I have looked into it, I have found there is quite a lot us ladies will do to improve our looks or aid weight loss from surgery to pills to fad diets.

My mum and her husband are doing a diet after watching a programme on TV about how for two days a week you pretty much 'fast' and only have one meal a day of 600 calories (your choice of meal). This isn't just good for weight loss apparantly but also encourages your body to repair cells in this time while it isn't busy digesting / processing new food, it is also good for lowering colesterol and reducing the risk of various illnesses caused by not eating well, overeating or even caused by just eating regularly. Apparantly eating just one meal those two days a week puts your body and mind back into 'caveman' mode where it had to survive and be alert on an empty stomach in order to be able to hunt down their next meal. Because the energy being used is from exisitng food, the brain isn't constantly producing new cells (or over producing) and therfore has time to repair the existing ones.

In another method, a very close friend of mine tried colonic irregation for the first time a couple of weeks ago as it is obviously known to be good for giving you a 'clear out' and therfore can help you lose a few extra pounds that are just sitting there. She was looking forward to having it done  - not the experience itself but the results - however when I spoke to her about it afterwards she said it was awful and wouldn't have it done again. She suffered bad stomach pains and bloating during and after as well as feeling sick and needing the loo quite frequently for a good couple of hours after too. I have heard that the first time you do it is the worst but she is adamant it wasn't worth doing again especially as she didnt feel any beneift from it in any way. I have another friend however who has had it done a few times and thinks it's great (again the results, not the experience) I guess it depends whether or not you are regular as to whether or not you will see the benefits.

I myself am trying something new starting this Saturday, in the form of 'non invasive lipo' or 'ultrasound lipo'- I'm quite excited! I saw this technique at an event I went to a few months ago called 'Too damn glam' in Billericay. There were various beauty treatments on special offer such as teeth whitening and botox as well as nail or eye lash extensions. There was also this lipo treatment but sadly it was all booked up by the time I found it. It apparantly uses ultrasound pulses to break down excess fat content that is stored in the body. Call me a sucker but it sounded brilliant so now I have had my first payday, I've booked myself up three sessions where I should see about an inch come off. It may not work, in which case I won't do it again but if it does work then it is money well spent and I will go back for more few months to boost my healthy eating with some extra help!

I have another friend currently trying out the latest weight loss craze in salons called 'Flabiloss' which basically uses powerplate machines and various different poses to aid toning and weight loss. Apparantly one ten minute session is the equivilant of an hour in the gym. If this is true then that's brilliant! She is my guinea pig for that so if my ultrasound lipo proves uneffective I can turn to this Flabiloss treatment as my back up plan!

Some people reading this will probably think us all crazy! Trying out these different treatments or crazes in a feeble attempt to boost weight loss. Maybe we are, only time will tell. One thing I do know is that sadly it means a lot to me to be slimmer. It makies me happier and much more confident - I am miserable if I am overweight. Call it the society we live in, call it memories of teenage puppy fat, whatever it is that fuels it, that desire to be slim is strong. I think about it a lot!

I can't eat whatever I want and still look great, I have to watch what I eat all of the time. So, if there is a treatment out there that will help me with my weight loss mission and only involves me parting with my money, I'm going to do it!

(And pray that in my next life I am one of those naturally skinny, annoyingly perfect women who can eat what they want!)

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