Friday, 28 September 2012

The Farewell Takeaways Tour.

As our time at our flat grows ever shorter, we have obviously been getting ourselves packed and organised. We have also been using moving as an excuse to indulge one last time in a takeaway.....oh and when I say 'a takeaway' I mean 'a takeaway from each takeaway we usually order from'. The reason being is that we have so many lovely yummy takeaways nearby we are really going to miss them when we move! We are both very naughty when it comes to takeaways, we like pretty much any type you can order and order them much more often than we should do! Last friday night we ordered chinese, before that we had ordered kebabs (mine being chicken as I can't stand doner meat although the one local to us has such good quality, tasty meat I probably could eat theirs) Tonight it is Friday again and although my waistline is telling me off for being too self indulgent, I am already wondering if we should get another tonight. After all, we still have our favourite indian takeaway to indulge in one last time as well as our favourite pizza place, thai restaurant AND mexican restaurant. We also still want to go back to our local greek restaurant too as haven't been there in a long while and it is delicious there.

That is somewhere we can always go back to though, just because it isn't local doesn't mean it's too far away, the same with our other favourite restaurants as well. It will be a shame that they aren't on our doorstep anymore for us to walk to but they are only a ten minute drive away.

I did weigh myself the other day and despite being piggy these last few weeks, I haven't put on any weight. It's a miracle! I know I haven't actually eaten a lot it's just when I have eaten it has been the wrong thing.

So, the dilemma still get another takeaway tonight or not? Part of me thinks it is just good manners to grace them with our custom one last time....

OK MOST of me thinks that....

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