Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Ultrasound lipo.

Waiting to go in for my first ultrasound lipo appointment, I felt lazy as I watched all the gym members come and go. Sweaty and red from their workout, ready to face their day ahead. There was I sitting, waiting to try out a method that will apparently help me lose weight with no effort at all; the biggest effort of the experience was putting my bank card into the machine and entering my pin at the end when paying.

The basic process is first off, you are measured so at the end you can see how much you have lost. Then you lay down and  - just like when having a scan - you have liquid put on your tummy (or area of choice) and then the ultrasound machine is run all over your tummy for around ten minutes. You can feel the pulses but in no way is it uncomfortable. Afterwards, the beautician massages your stomach to help the process of the fat being broken down.

It was painfree and afterwards I was told my tummy might feel as though I had done sit ups and that I was to drink lots of water and go for a brisk walk. The lady who did the treatment was lovely and gave me lots of information and answered lot's of questions.

I didn't drink as much water on Saturday as I know I should have so made up for it on Sunday. Also making sure I went for a nice brisk walk in the glorious sunshine.

My next session is Tuesday evening after work so I am looking forward to that and seeing if I notice any results. You apparantly need to have the second session a maximum of three days after the first to obtain the best results so hopefully by the end of the week I will see a little difference. I know it won't make me skinny but I am hoping I will have lost a little bit and perhaps notice my stomach being a bit flatter.

We shall see!

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