Friday, 21 September 2012

Wardrobe staple.

It's getting quite chilly now as we whizz through September, Autumnal October is nearly upon us with it's trick or treating and clocks going back. Time to dig out the winter coats!

Most years and try and fail miserably to find a fashionable, long lasting, warm winter coat but last year I found myself my dream coat! not only that it is a key wardrone staple that I can keep hold of as it will always be in and out of fashion. My faux fur leopardprint coat that is. It's so snuggly warm and I love how glamourous I feel in it! What's more, it was an ebay steal at £20 (Bought originally in Topshop for £90) the seller had worn it once and not liked it. Ka - ching! Love little deals like that.

I love autumn too...yes the mornings are dark and so are the nights but autumn mornings when the sun rises are gorgeous. Halloween, the smell of bonfires and hot dog stands on Guy Fawkes night, the feel of the cold on your cheek while you're wrapped up warm, snuggles with your loved one and then the countdown to Christmas! Yes, I guess I am just a big kid at heart. I always think winter fashion is much better too; more stylish and creative. I love that feeling of being warm indoors when you know it's cold outside, sitting down to dinner and eating a yummy winter warmer like shepherd's pie or a stew.

Roll on AW12.

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