Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Autumn is well and truly here!

Yesterday I well and truly felt the chill int he air and with the heating suddenly deciding not to work, found my fingers and toes feeling as though they were about to drop off by lunchtime yesterday! Yep, the cold weather is definitely here and so this morning I dug out my faithful ugg boots to wear to work in order to keep my tootsies toasty warm! I love ugg boots, most men (or probably all) think they are the ugliest footwear women can own (have they not seen crocs?) but us women wear them for comfort and cosiness not to look attractive. At this time of year it is about making sure you're wrapped up warm.

So pack up your summer flip flops and strappy tops until next year and pull out your woolies and scarves, autumn is here and winter isn't far behind! (and what with rising energy bills I think investing in a pair of ugg boots is cheaper in the long run!)

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