Monday, 29 October 2012

Cold snap.

When I walked out of the house Friday morning I was so shocked as to how much the temperature had dropped! It was bitter! Saturday was even worse and the one time I went out on Saturday I made sure I was wrapped up warm and still managed to end up freezing cold with numb toes and fingers. Poor Patrick was at work on Saturday and because of his job spends a lot of time outside so not only was he cold he got soaked in the rain too.
That's why it was so nice when he got in and had had a hot shower to put the fire on in the living room. It heats it up the room almost instantly and is so cosy! It is such a lovely feeling to be sitting indoors in a toasty room especially when you know it's freezing and miserable outside.
All this cold weather does fill me with a little bit of excitement though I must admit! As I have said before I do love this time of year...this Wednesday is Halloween and then next week it is Bonfire Night (I am hoping to go and see some fireworks at the weekend) then it is the countdown to Christmas!! Saying that, some places have already started the countdown it would seem; I popped to Lakeside shopping centre last week and they already have their Christmas decorations up! I worked there once upon a time long ago when I was a student and I swear that - as much as they went up early - it wasn't THIS early?! Maybe I'm wrong...that was eight years ago or so now.
I am now hosting Christmas this year for the family which I am excited about! I like the idea of not having to go anywhere Christmas day and making Patrick and me a yummy big breakfast before cooking a delicious big dinner for everyone. My Mum is going to help me with it so I'm not left on my own panicking if it all gets too overwhelming. I can also play all the Christmas songs I WANT to listen to as well as eat, drink and be merry and when I have had enough of that I only have to walk upstairs to bed. Perfect! I can't wait.
Roll on December!

TOASTY: Fire in our living room

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