Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Ebay strikes again!

It's been a little while since I talked about the wonder that is Ebay! Mainly because I haven't been on it for a little while however that all changed this weekend as I managed to bag us a gorgeous piece of furniture for the new house!
A beautiful restored TV unit (with doors so our house rabbit can no longer chew the DVDS!) for a bargain price of £22! Yes, that's right £22! I was so chuffed. I had been watching it all week and it stayed at it's starting bid of 99p until the weekend so I had high hopes I would nab a bargain but didn't expect to get it for as little as that. All the other TV units I had been watching had been going for a minimum of £60 - some over a £100.
We seem to have done really with buying new furniture. We have put a deposit down on a dining table and chairs that is being restored and given that shabby chic look at the moment, ready for us to collect at the weekend when we move. It is a solid oak table with six chairs and we are buying it for the bargain price of £150! Crazy! It will look so nice when it is all restored and is extendable too in case we decide we want to host bigger dinner parties in the future (although right now the thought of cooking for more than six people leaves me in a cold sweat so we will leave it for now!)
BARGAIN: Our new TV / DVD storage unit.


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