Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Fabulous Weekend!

Sorry I have been silent for a week now...that is so unlike me! Obviously we have been unpacking, sorting and what not so it has been very busy plus for our first Friday night at the house we had a party (which just happened to fall on my birthday too!) Lots of friends came along to see our new place and have a few drinks with us, we had a brilliant night. What made it even better for me was the next day, because Patrick was going to West Ham for the football he decided to power through the morning and avoid any chance of getting a hangover by tidying and clearing up all of the rubbish left behind. Result! He did leave a little bit for me to do but my day ended up being very unproductive with me and my friend (and now ex neighbour) Nicola spending the day on the sofa watching Friends! A doze and some pickled onion space raiders later and I was back to feeling normal again! Ready to go out for dinner with my mum and family (The 'all you can eat' buffet helped the hangover no end too!)

Sunday we had a productive morning shopping and then we had a nice chilled out afternoon before Patrick cooked an absolutely delicious chilli - Perfect!

We do still have some unpacking left to do although not very much now. We have decided that as this weekend is less busy we will finish it off then although I am wondering where some things will go. Despite throwing quite a bit away we still seem to have a lot more stuff than I ever thought we did!

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