Friday, 26 October 2012

John Bishop live at the o2

Last night the hubby and I went to see one our favourite comedians of the moment John Bishop at the o2 arena in Greenwich. It's been ages since we have done anything like see a show or comedian so it was a really good night out! Luckily Patrick managed to finish work early enough for us to be home, changed and out the door at quarter to five so we could have some dinner beforehand.
My brother and sister in law have seen him live a couple of times now on his home turf of Liverpool as they live on the Albert Dock so are literally a stones throw from the impressive Echo arena which is where his last Tour 'Sunshine' was filmed for DVD release. I have wanted to see him live for a long time so when I found out someone I knew was selling the tickets I snapped them up! I'm so glad I did; It was hilarious! I think there is something so likeable about him apart from how funny he is and what's nice about this tour is that - as well as talking about his usual family stuff - he also talks about some of the experiences he has had now that he is in the spotlight like doing things for Comic Relief which makes it a lot different to his last tour. If you have tickets to see him you're in for a good night!
The o2 is an impressive venue but I was so glad we were seated in the middle section, I must admit -I was a bit worried about where we might be seated! (yes, loser) I have been seated high up at the top before and it made me feel queasy and anxious! I'm not good with heights at all and am getting worse the older I get which I HATE! I want to be like I was as a kid; fearless! Sadly though I am not so being seated in the middle suited me just fine. The only problem is, you have to sit turned to face the stage which after a while aches your bones a bit! I was more than ready to leave when the show finished as I was a bit uncomforatble and hot. (It also gets very hot in there!)
I was so surprised by how many people left really early too. I can understand people want to avoid traffic or catch a certain train but I think it a shame to miss the end. Especially by leaving twenty minutes early! That's not even near the end yet! Surely it's worth sitting in a bit of traffic afterwards to watch the whole show?
Anyway, we really enjoyed it and because we weren't one of those who left early we DID sit in a bit of traffic and didn't get into bed until 12.30 which stung a little when the alarm went off at 5.45 for us to be up at 6! I wouldn't have missed any of it though and today is Friday at least!
John Bishop on Twitter: @JohnBishop100
DVD Due for release 12 November 2012. Pre order:

IMPRESSIVE: Great venue and great night at the o2.

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