Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Just five more minutes....

How bad are you at getting up? Do you constantly opt for the 'snooze' button in the morning rather than facing the day and getting up only to then find yourself running behind and ultimately being late for work? Apprantly it is quite a big problem in todays world. Many people won't see being five minutes or so late every now and then as a problem but those repeat offenders apparantly lose businesses quite a lot of money and put unessecary extra pressure on their colleagues.

So why is this happening? Are more of us having busy tiring social lives? Lack of stimulation at work? Laziness? All of these?

I must admit I hate being late and actually prefer to get in five minutes early so that I can get set up and make myself a cup of coffee so that I am ready to go when it's time to clock on. I have also found that I am never really tired in the mornings now either as I always tend to go to bed at the same time and have the same amount of sleep each night which is highly recommended for beating fatigue. (I even do this weekends if I have no plans, if I have plans I just make sure I have the same amount of sleep) I didn't mean to get into that pattern of sleeping, it just kind of happened but am so glad I did as it is nice to be able to get up in the morning without feeling shattered. (although when it's cold, dark and your beds comfy it can still be quite hard to get up!)

I used to go to sleep at all different times early in the morning, every single night only to find myself struggling to rise and shine for work when my alarm went off. That was different life for me then of course, marriage and routine is what's made my sleep pattern become regular rather than irregular but it is certainly worth it. I don't miss those mornings of heavy eyes and no motivation at all.

Try it.

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