Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Last minute panic!

On Saturday we had a little bit of a scare... Anyone who rents their property may be able to relate to this kind of situation, it's not one I'd like to experience again in a hurry thats for sure! I can't deal with last minute panics and quick thinking, it's too much for my brain to cope with on a Saturday. In the morning we had been out and about getting our shopping and whatever else done and when we got back cleaned out the rabbits cage and had a quick tidy up as the washing up was piled sky high and the hoover and carpet hadn't seen eachother for a sooner had we finished cleaning out the rabbit, the buzzer went...I answered, only to find it was one of our flats owners (Its owned by two friends):

''Hi I'm sorry to bother you but it's Helen I'm one of the owners of the flat...I just wondered if I could come in for a quick chat if that's OK please?''

''Yes of course, just give me a moment...''

ARGH!!!! Panic stations!!

Cue grabbing the rabbit cage and moving him into the spare room and hiding him under a duvet amongst all the boxes - poor bugger! Our contract says pets are not allowed which I can totally understand, allowing them leaves you open to all sorts of damage as some pet owners don't train pets properly and if they are only renting a property they may not be too bothered about any damage that may incur. If she had realised we had a pet rabbit she may not of minded but we hadn't met her before and weren't willing to take the risk!

I apologised and said I had just been getting dressed but as Patrick HAD needed to get dressed due to only having shorts on I definitely think she thought she had caught us up to something else!! (cringe)

In the end, she was really lovely and had only popped in because she was in the area and the bloody estate agents made it sound as though the reason we were leaving was down to bad neighbours, bad maintainence of the building and that we were practically being driven out as we were so unhappy!! They hadn't even mentioned the house... I put her straight and reassured her we had loved living in the flat and it was just a case of finding somehwere else that suits our needs a bit more now. She seemed very relieved.

She was really pleased with the condition of the flat and how clean and well looked after it looked (had she turned up ten minutes earlier I doubt she would have been as pleased) In fact she said we had been the best tennants she had had and was sad to see us go! Nice and reassuring, we have looked after the flat but it's nice to hear the owner say they are pleased with how it looks.

It was quite nice to meet her actually (after getting over the panic and our heart rates went back down to a normal rate) nice to put a face to the name finally after living here 3 years. I just hope she doesn't decide to spring another surprise visit on us again before we move out!

Luckily, our new landlord is aware we have a pet and is more than happy about it so we won't have to worry about hiding poor Bentley every time we know he is coming over. I don't think we could get away with it next time!

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