Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lucky Girl

For my birthday, my lovely Mum gave me an amazing gift. It was quite funny actually! She took me upstairs to give me my present and on the bed was a giant Mulberry gift bag.
'Oh my god!' I yelped.
'Now it isn't what you think so please don't be disappointed.' Mum replied quickly, panicking a bit.
'What?! you mean it's a Primark bag in there??'
What she actually meant was, it wasn't a brand new Mulberry bag but to me it was even better. A couple of months ago Mum had bought a new handbag from the Mulberry factory and she already had a gorgeous patent finish bottle green one that I would lust over because it is so striking and unique. Low and behold, my gift was that very green bag; I was over the moon! She thought I may be disappointed because I was getting a 'hand me down' but oh what a hand me down to get! Plus Mum has only used it once so it is in perfect condition! I won't use it every day, just for certain occassions. It is far too special to take to the office or out food shopping so it will come out dining with me or on special trips away /out.
I can't wait for us to walk side by side!

THANKS MUM: My gorgeous new Mulberry bag.

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