Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Our latest steal

On Saturday as well as moving we also had to pick up our restored refectory dining table for our new home. When we had first seen it it was a dark polished wood which our lady Michelle (miracle worker) had said she would sand down, paint and give that trendy 'distressed' look to. The top would be sanded and left a pale colour then finished off with wax. In our heads it all sounded amazing and we couldn't wait to see it finished but we were quite anxious about picking it up, worrying that we would bring it to the new home and hate it but we were wrong because it looks amazing! Better than I thought it could! Even the cushions that came with it which I initally hated have grown on me! (although only a bit, I will replace them in a couple of weeks).
We are yet to have a meal at it as we only had our oven fitted last night so tonight will be the first time we can sit and enjoy an almost al fresco dining experience sitting at our new table in the conservatory.
What makes me love this table even more is that it only cost us £150! Even on bargain sites like ebay restored dining table and chair sets are a minimum of around £300. If you like the idea of investing in some restored furniture (especially if you are a fan of shabby chic) and you live near the Southend area I recommend popping down Hamlet Court Road in Westcliff and visitng the Big Society Department Store where you will find lots of gorgeous treasures in both original or restored condition. The staff are friendly and helpful and they also raise money for charity. It was set up by a woman who decided to rent areas of the shop out to people who want to sell their work but can't afford to buy or rent somewhere to do so. It is the perfect way for talented people to sell their work and for the public to buy beautiful things for their homes at bargain prices. Since opening a couple of years ago it has just gone from strength to strength and if you pop in and have a look around you will see why!
I will definitely be back.

BARGAIN BUY: Our 'distressed' new dining table.

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