Monday, 29 October 2012

Productive Weekend

Another weekend has come and gone in the blink of an eye. Why does it go so fast?? I had really wanted to get most of the spare bedroom sorted and a bit more liveable than it is right now but that plan went out of the window! Today it still remains full of boxes and random things that we don't know what to do with - bah! My plan is that it will be a study with a TV  in case we need it when clashing over what we want to watch and it will also have a desk in it for me for when I want to write. In time we will also get an airbed for when people want to stay over. Right now though, sadly it remains a junkyard for another week or so. (I really don't remember having this much stuff when we moved).
Friday night we went to watch a band with family and friends in a pub local to them (and local to where we grew up). It was a brilliant night and we had a good laugh although Patrick wasn't laughing when his alarm went off for overtime Saturday morning at 6am. Especially as we didn't get home until 1.30am. Saturday night both of us struggled to stay awake on the sofa passed 10 so went to bed and ended up having a lovely lay in until gone 9 the next morning. This never happens! We are old and sad and end up waking up at something like 6am at the weekend and no matter how much we try and turn over to go back to sleep, we are more than likely up before 7am. Losers! What was great about lying in this sunday of course though was that the clocks went back so not only did we have a lush lay in we got an hour back too. Hell yeah!

SILLY: Shinanigans on Friday night.

I know that Patrick was hoping for a really lazy Sunday because of having to work the day before in the cold, wind and rain with very little sleep but there was stuff we needed to do in the house! A quick shop later and Patrick had a 'man day' of putting up pictures and mounting our TV to the living room wall. (Not a task I'm in a hurry to do again) We also had my mum drop off a mirror to us which they no longer used and we liked and had some friends pop in for a cup of coffee and look at the house. By the time we had finished everything and tidied up after ourselves it was early evening so we slobbed out on the sofa and ate dinner while watching absolute crap on TV (there was literally NOTHING on last night of you don't like watching reality shows).
Before you know it, it's Monday again! I've now got a feeling that Patrick may want a less productive weekend next weekend especially with him going to West Ham on Saturday so chances are more than likely that the spare bedroom will stay a bit messy for a little while longer.
Oh well!!

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