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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Reality TV is anything BUT!

I am probably in a minority with what I am about to type but; I HATE REALITY TV!! really, really HATE it. If it all got cancelled tomorrow I would be very happy and feel the world would be a much better place.

Phew! I feel much better now I've said that.

I am a big believer however of 'each to their own' and would never tell people who enjoy watching it that they are wrong in doing so because the beauty of the free world we live in today is that it's up to us what we watch. What I don't like is how reality TV seems to have completely taken over television with schedules being shifted to accomodate the endless amount of times they are aired, plus the fact it is so obviously all set up yet they try and fob the public off. I really don't see how one winning act from X Factor for example can be so successful and constantly in the media or on the radio and yet another winning act disappears never to be seen again (apar from a year later when you hear Simon Cowell has dropped them from his record label) Now this is Simon Cowells PR machine we are talking about, they wouldn't be sloppy enough to promote one winning act to death and forget about another....this is all caculated. Cowell would want to promote young attractive acts like JLS, Little Mix and One Direction. The sort of acts that have longevity and will attract more fans based on looks alone as well as their music. Other acts like Matt Cardle don't fit in with Cowells idea of a long term successful music act but still make him money initially because of their story, because of their appeal on the show itself and therefore because of people voting for them on the TV show. Cowell gets made to look like a good guy because he is giving older people that chance to aim for their dreams and giving them their fifteen minutes of fame (thats' all it will ever be) and then as soon as the show is over, he has made his money and got his publicity he has no more use for them and channels his PR powers into other acts that fall under his ideal for future money making.

Cynical moi? Yes probably... but to me it's completly obvious... there have been plenty of stories by people who have auditioned on X Factor and say they knew straight away who would be in the live shows as they were the ones constantly followed around by the cameras and being interviewed backstage. It's just all about making money and headlines....that's why acts like Jedward go through as far as they did. What's mostly sad about this is the genuine singers who have been working hard for years, trying to make their 'break' and see this programme and one of their last chances.

I don't have much to say on the others really, mainly because I haven't really ever watched them...I actually quite like Channel 5's idea to bring back big brother in celebrity form but use really low rent, Z list celebrities (in most cases) and in this last series they managed to get a few decent celebs in there! (I still didn't watch just saw through Twitter) I can't stand TOWIE or anything similar, nor can I stand that it's 'stars' are always in magazines or newspapers. There are surely only a certain amount of articles you can write about them going out on the town or getting plastic surgery before it becomes repetative!!? (maybe they just copy and paste old articles?)

This years olympics has proved that we can produce some true heros, proper role models and idols for young people to look up to so why are the media obsessed with nobody's cashing in on acting thick and talking sh*t??

Whenenver I have seen anyone from TOWIE on TV being interviewed they always say things like;

'In Essex, we don't wear flat shoes...it's all about heels.'
'In Essex, we all have botox it's the way it is.'

Erm, no I beg to differ.. Maybe in your tiny little town but travel out a bit further out you will find we are quite normal and some of us don't want to look like a balloon! Even in their home setting of Brentwood not everyone totters around on high heels botoxed to the eyeballs...my mum lives there and she certainly doesn't!!

I know I sound like a whingy old feminist hag and believe me I know that but it just riles me! Some reality TV is genuinely entertaining. I like that Strictly Come Dancing is bringing old fashioned dance routines to new audiences and think 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here!' is hilarious!

Maybe I am in a minority but I don't mind... I quite like it in fact...on my own little reality TV free planet. Come join me!!

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