Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Dog (haired) days are over.

Finally after nearly three weeks of dodgy, unkempt, offensive hair my GHD straightners have been brought back to life! I have never felt so much joy and happiness from just seeing a tiny red bulb light up before now but last night I felt that joy and happiness!

Ladies I have to advise you; if like me you are a regular GHD user (or use any other well known, well made hair straightner brand I'm sure) and they suddenly stop working one day without warning, DON'T PANIC! Also DON'T just go out and buy yourself a new pair at a minimum spend of £100 (worth the money but let's be fair, we NEVER have that spare £100 just waiting around to spent on beauty emergencies). Since my hair straightner lead was chewed in two by my nosey, munch happy bunny, I have found out that you can buy a brand new lead to replace it with. What's more when a (good) pair of straightners suddenly stop working it is usually because of the lead rather than the irons themself. Brilliant and much more cost effective than replacing them with a new pair.

TA-DAH!: That comforting red glow from my working GHD's.

A quick look at the model number, a quick browse on ebay and a quick £5.99 with free postage transaction via PayPal later; the new lead was ordered! It arrived really quickly as well and I do even think it is a little longer than the original which is never a bad thing. My hubby replaced it last night after watching a quick 'How to' tutorial on YouTube (another great website, if you ever want a tutorial on pretty much ANYTHING and haven't looked on there already, you must!) Once he knew what he was doing, it took him all of two minutes and once again my straightners were brought back to life. Phew!

So, this morning after having three weeks of hair either up in a scruffy bun or frizzy and not styled very well (I am not the best at blow drying my hair into a style hence the reliance on the straightners to help out) it was back to business as usual. I normally wear my hair in it's natural form; a little bit wavy having usually let it dry naturally, running the straightners over any bits that are too curly or frizzy and curling any bits that have gone too straight. However, this morning I opted to style my hair with a completely 'Jennifer Aniston inspired - poker straight - sleek look.' Why? BECAUSE I CAN!!

SLEEK: My Shiny, nice straight hair - yippee!

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