Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Good Life

In this day and age of people with super busy jobs and super busy lives, it's no wonder time goes so fast! 2012 has sped by like a whirlwind and it feels as though my feet haven't properly touched the ground to experience it. At the weekend my friend said she felt it had gone fast because she hadn't 'wrote the date down enough' which sounds silly but makes a lot of sense! I have only been working since August which makes it feel as though the last two and half months have slowed down a bit, so I guess when I was spending my days at the beginning of the year resting and getting better then the summer looking for work, the days would go quicker because ultimately my time was being spent leisurely. Now, as much as I am enjoying working again and definitely enjoying having my own money, I am keeping track of the time and date so much more which I would guess is why time has ultimately 'slowed down' for me.

Whatever it is, one things for sure and that is we aren't getting any younger, if times flies by so quick we should make the most of it and grab opportunities with both hands. I thought this yesterday when after work, I spent an enjoyable afternoon at my nan and grandads drinking tea and catching up after which, I went with Grandad to the bottom of the garden where he grows his vegetables and we dug up some potatoes and leeks for me to use in the dinner I am cooking my husband and mother in law tonight. What is so lovely about this simple experience is not just that I will be making a yummy dinner using freshly dug up tasty veg but also that it was enjoyable helping him pull them from the ground and seeing the satisfaction on his face for his hard work. He isn't as young as he used to be and it's been a very long while since I have been down with him to help collect vegetables which is what made me think 'where does the time go?'.

It seems like only yesterday my brother and I would be down there playing around the vegetable patch, prentending we were shop owners (one of us would have the shed as a shop the other would have the greenhouse) or we would be having water fights with the garden hose or skating up and around the drive on our roller blades we had got one christmas and wore to death!

That was all about twenty years ago now....time creeps up on you and then pulls you along for the ride, before you know it you're working and paying bills, spending endless money on food shops or car repairs and wishing your weeks away for the weekend. How did that happen?

Life is for living; so book that holiday, have that drink with an old friend you keep rearranging, go for that dream job...after all we only regret the things we didn't do in life on our death bed rather than what we did.

It's moments like yesterday afternoon that make me realise sometimes you need to slow down, step back and cherish some of the simpler things in life too like venturing out into the freezing cold to help your elderly grandparent dig up a few spuds for you and then rushing indoors for another cuppa and a cake to warm your cockles.

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