Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Ultimate Hair and Beauty

On Saturday after having coffee in town my friend and I went for a little wander. She was looking to buy a half decent shampoo that would help her hair out as she feels it has become quite dry and brittle lately and is in desperate need of some TLC. (Know that feeling, my hair goes wirey, mainly due to the colour I had on it last year for the wedding) She took me to Queens Road just off of the square in Southend High street to a shop called Ultimate Hair and Beauty.
Oh. My. God. WHY did I not learn of this shop until now? (My bank balance and husband are probably glad that I haven't found it sooner, adding another place on my long list of shops that I part with my money in waaay too much!) It is a great shop for finding decent products at cheaper prices though, really worth a visit ladies if you are ever in Southend (Or Leigh, Basildon or Chelmsford where they also have shops). I had been toying with the idea of getting some curling tongs for a while as I only ever use my hair straightners to add a bit of a wave to my locks which is fine mainly but there are times when my hair just won't 'go', so I figured buying some tongs would help with my curls in those hair raising moments. I didn't want to spend too much in case they only get used once in a blue moon or in case I decide I don't get on with them so you can imagine how pleased I was to pick up a pair for £7!! Perfick! I haven't tried them out yet but plan to this evening after washing my hair. I also managed to pick up a HUGE bottle of shampoo and conditioner for around £3 each too! (They are that big, they should see us through to Christmas!)
It is a beauty suppliers so they stock pretty much everything you might need to help you with your tresses (and beauty needs). If you want to learn more about them or browse their products online please the link to their site is below:
BARGAINS: My purchases from Ultimate Hair and Beauty.

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