Friday, 26 October 2012

Why haven't I used this before?

Yesterday I decided to buy some dry shampoo as I have never tried it before and sometimes in between washes my hair goes greasy really quickly (especially my fringe). A few people I know have used it for festivals or just generally if they feel their hair needs a freshen up and I believe it is also good to use for creating volume at the root if you want big hair.
Anyway, I knew I wouldn't have a chance to wash my hair last night so I bought some to try while I had nipped out and I must admit, I'm very impressed! Especially as I didn't really expect it to do much! My hair smells and looks fresher today rather than being a big greasy mess! I've tied and clipped it back into a messy ponytail today so it wasn't in my way and gave it a spray with dry shampoo before hand and I feel it definitely looks 'cleaner' It's a miracle! I'm very late to jump on the bandwagon with dry shampoo as I know pretty much everyone has heard of it or probably uses it but if you don't or are cynical about it like I was please buy some for emergencies! You will be pleasantly surprised!
I bought Bapiste Dry Shampoo in Coconut and Exotic Tropical from Superdrug £4.99 (for a large). I had read it was the best one to get which is why I opted for it, I am sure other people may use other brands that they feel are better but it's whatever works for you. This one worked for me. I will keep it locked up safe for the next time a greasy yukky hair day descends!
SAVIOUR: Baptiste Dry Shampoo, Superdrug £4.99.

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