Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Bye KG's!!!!!

This week is a bit of a painful one for me fashion wise as I have finally made the decision to sell my gorgeous Kurt Geiger red suede shoes; the ones with the ankle strap too big for my piddly ankles and the ones from which I so embarrasingly fell on a night out in Southend. Yes those.

I have tried a couple of times since to wear them and concvince myself that they fit and my foot is supported but alas, they do not, they are not and I have just been fooling myself!! Even after buying a pack of heel grips (and then another pack as stuffing about four heel grips in each shoe STILL wasn't working) the shoes are just sitting in their box at the top of my wardrobe when they should be being paraded around and admired by all that see them.


So, at the weekend I made the decision to put them on Ebay and sell them. Yesterday they were bought and paid for.

That means tomorrow I will admire them for one last time before wrapping them up and sending them off to their new home where I hope they will be very happy.

Bye bye shoes.

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  1. Oh Nic, you have my sincerest sympathy, I feel your pain xxx


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