Monday, 26 November 2012

Cheese and Wine Night.

I am already feeling really festive and can't wait for Christmas to come (although I must admit I love the build up the most so for me this is the best bit of the year!) Because the festive season is upon us and it is getting colder and darker outside, one of my close friends decided to host a cheese and wine night this Saturday. It was a brilliant evening!!
There were lots of different cheeses for people to eat, so much so the house stank like smelly feet! Haha! There was pate or fondue and I enjoyed a nice bottle of rioja that I bought for the evening. Patrick has been working a seven day week so drove because of working Sunday and not wanting to be hungover or over the limit to drive. I was a bit worried he might not enjoy it as much because he was tired and not having a drink but he had a great night too!
I had a teeny tiny headache when I woke up Sunday morning from too much wine but it soon cleared with the aid of tablets and plenty of water! It certainly put me in an even more festive mood than I already am.

Roll on December!
FESTIVE FUN: Me and my friend Trisha enjoying the many cheeses provided to fill our tums.

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