Monday, 19 November 2012

Early Crimbo Pressie!

This weekend my mum treated me to my christmas present much earlier than normal....

Not sure whether it was because she was going on holiday Saturday and it was easier for her to give me the money to go and buy them and take care of it for her or whether it was because she thought that if she waited a bit longer they might not be available...whatever the reason I really didn't mind because thanks to her haste I have now got a FABULOUS new pair of ankle boots on my feet.

They are funky and I love them... they will go perfectly with lots of different outfits. *SIGH*

On Saturday (after I first got them) I wore them with my red floral tea dress and thick black tights, today I have them on with a boyfriend tee, and skinny jeans.

I have a feeling they will be worn a lot through the Autumn / Winter!!

EARLY CRIMBO TREAT: River Island stud ankle boots, RRP £65.00

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