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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Tacky Tattoos

Tattoo's are a bit of a tricky subject; people love them and people hate them. The younger generation are probably more likely to love them than people of an older generation although I obviously don't wish to generalise. I myself have six tattoos and although I like the idea of maybe getting one or two more all in all I feel I have enough for me and am happy with them.

My body, my choice, enough said.

What I dislike is - as with many subjects - people feel they have the right to bad mouth tattoos and stereotype the people that have them. Whatsmore, they do it to your face, for no reason other than to let you know their feelings on your body art even when you didn't ask. Do these people not realise that I didn't have my tattoos for everyone else but for myself and myself alone?

Don't get me wrong, people who know me or read this blog regularly will know I am a believer in 'each to their own' and free speech which is fine but only when your opinion is invited surely!? If I were at a party and someone noticed my ink and said:

'You have tattoos? Urgh, I hate tattoos they are so ugly and trashy.'

I would find it very insulting and unessecary. To me that is just as nasty as going up to someone and saying 'You're too fat to wear that.'

''Will I regret my tattoos when I'm old, grey and can't remember where I left my hat? Maybe...''

Yes, some people do find tattoos ugly and yes I will say that even as a huge lover of tattoos I do actually dislike a lot of the ones I see on people day to day. It seems to be a trend and people jump on the bandwagon only to find themselves regretting it a couple of years down the line, I even know of a youngster who has only had a tattoo a couple of years and is now getting it removed. However, there are a lot of people - like myself - who have had them done for their own pleasure and for their own personal reasons such as marking a significant time in life or in honour of someone very special. I am artistic and creative and that is how I like to express myself which is why I like all of my tattoo's (new and old) still to this day......even the first one I had done over ten years ago now; a butterfly on my right shoulder blade to signify turning 18, becoming an adult and spreading my wings. That butterfly has gone with me through adulthood learning lessons, creating memories and making mistakes and like me that butterfly is starting to look a bit more weathered and in dire need of some rejuvenation!!

I totally respect that people don't like them and can understand their point of view too; they are permanent and very striking and completely alter a persons appearance (not always for the better) and I will never understand why people get them done on a whim! (But as I say each to their own, I have seen some very funny ones!)

Will I regret my tattoos when I'm old, grey and can't remember where I left my hat? Maybe... but then I don't think I would be 'me' without these tattoo's now so I really doubt it. There has never been a time in my life where I have wished for a moment I didn't have them no matter where I have been or what outfit I was wearing.

If I get to an old enough age to be considered eldery I will just be very happy with that thank you. And I will be very happy that my tattoos have come along for the ride with me, marking the memorable events and people along the way.

FIRST TATTOO: My butterfly which sits on my right shoulder blade marked the freedom of turning eighteen!

SECOND TATTOO: My date of birth on my inner left ankle (For when I'm old and can't remember it!)

THIRD AND FOURTH TATTOO: I first had the stars done when my uncle died then later had the words 'Live Forever' added.

FIFTH TATTOO: My music script tattoo in honour of my grandad who always played 'Yesterday' to me on the piano.

SIXTH TATTOO: My latest is my husbands initials and our wedding date.

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