Thursday, 1 November 2012

The trials of the food shop.

Food shops absolutely rile me, Sad as it sounds I actually used to enjoy them but nowadays they just seem to be getting more and more pricey! I'm only feeding my husband and myself and yet still I feel my food bill is creeping up more and more as the weeks go on. It's no longer a pleasure going to buy food and thinking up yummy dishes we can have for dinners throughout the week it is a chore that involves being money savvy in order to not break the bank by the end of the month.
What I have decided to do is little shops more often now to avoid waste as sometimes a week after a huge supermarket raid I find I am throwing food away (only food that has actually gone off, I go by how they look and smell not the use by dates). I have also found a great way to save money is by shopping online which is what I'm also doing now as it avoids that chance of you walking down an aisle and seeing something that you think you need which you actually don't. I buy my veg from the greengrocers local to where I work when I can to bring down the cost of that too. Last week I bought 6 large onions, greens, 10 roasting potatoes, brocoli and some carrotts and it came to just over £2.00 - that is crazy when you consider how much fruit and veg is in the supermarket. It can be a bit inconvenient nipping there but I always try make sure that I do when I have the chance as it saves me money in the long run.
I have started to make dinners that stretch a little further too and can be eaten two nights in a row or for lunch the next day! This week I made a Chicken, Ham and Mustard soup which was delicious and put the leftovers in the fridge for another dinner. Last night I made Jambalaya and am having the leftovers of that for my lunch today. The great thing about doing this is saving money (or making it go a little further) and the fact that the dinners always taste so much yummier the next day when the flavours have had time to infuse!
It would seem it is all about being thrifty nowadays!

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