Monday, 17 December 2012

All bunged up!

I have felt truly sorry for myself today - anyone else in the same position will do too. After about two weeks of sniffles, sneezes and feeling as though a cold was coming it is finally here. A nice pounding headcold! My head has not stopped thumping today and add to that it feels like it is constantly under water I think I am entitled to feel a bit BLEURGH!!!

I don't mind a cold but my nose is constantly running (therefore making it red raw and sore) and my head seems so full of fluid my ears feel as though I have just got out of the shower. YUCK!!

The upside to this of course is at least it isn't next Monday and I am feeling like this on Christmas Eve (I should think it will be gone by then) the down side is I was meant to go and see two of my close friends this week and their new borns for a pre christmas cuddle but can't as don't want to spread my germs!

Let's hope an early night and lots of hot drinks help me feel better for tomorrow morning as I hate being out of action. Sad as it sounds I am happy when I am at work and keeping on top of the chores. Feel useless at the moment when I much prefer being busy.

As I didn't fancy cooking tonight hubby treated us to a takeaway (any excuse eh!) I am really hoping that a spicy curry will help though and kick this cold up the arse!!

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  1. amazing post :)
    I love it!


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