Friday, 28 December 2012

Crimbo Hangover.

There is nothing better to beat the post crimbo blues than the sales that come straight after!

Personally, I don't think the shops should reopen until after Boxing day (I've worked in retail and done that shift) but sadly the shops open as early and for as long as they want. I know I probably should protest by not attending on Boxing day and going to rummage the rails the day after but sadly the shopaholic in me took hold and convinced me that if I waited just a day, a lot of the good stuff would be gone. I was right too! 9am I arrived at River Island and it was heaving (and had opened at 8am) Crazy! Whats more, some of the shoppers were done up to the nines! There was me in my scruffs and converse with my hair scraped back queuing behind girls in full faces of make up and bouffant quaffed hair. I definitely felt underdressed!

While queuing a staff member was working his way through removing the security tags so there was one less thing for the till staff to do. He told me when the store had opened the queue of people waiting was huge, I bet it was too, I queued to pay for my items for nearly 40minutes! It was worth it though... River Island sales are always really good with brilliant reductions so as you can imagine I am very happy with my purchases. They and the purchases made in Topshop have definitely helped ease my post christmas blues slightly.

It is all over with so quickly after such a big build up! Before you know it it's boxing day evening, you're fed up of mince pies and turkey and have overdosed on baileys. I do get a bit blue when it is all over and miserable January is around the corner. The build up to Christmas makes the dark cold nights worthwhile so when it is all over we have nothing to look forward to apart from warmer weather and longer days - which seems an eternity away! Time flies though so there is no need to feel glum and the most important thing is that you had a lovely christmas surrounded by all the people you love! Set yourself a reachable goal or two of what you want to achieve from 2013 to give yourself something positive to aim for.

I go away to Holland tomorrow to celebrate the new year and am back on the 2nd so will wish my readers a very happy new year now. I hope everyone has a lovely time celebrating the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. Who know's what it may bring!!

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