Friday, 14 December 2012

Ding Dong Scarily on high...

This month has already flown by - I can't believe it is just over one week until Christmas now. That is crazy!!
I don't think we realise how quickly a month goes by until we are counting down to a big event like this. I actually had a dream last night about buying veg for Christmas day but I had left it until Christmas morning so was running around like a headless chicken (or turkey) trying to get everything I needed when everywhere was closed or sold out.

Starting from this weekend we will be getting the last few bits together such as table accessories and then next weekend we will get the veg and ingredients required. I'm sure I will feel better when I have everything and can throw out my many, many lists (I have made more). It will be nice to relax and enjoy the first few days of the holidays before the madness of Christmas day (I do have a feeling I won't sleep Christmas eve and when I do I will be dreaming about turkeys, goose fat and brussel sprouts). 

It will all be worth it in the end though and panic or worry is part of my natural make up when I am taking on any kind of new or big task, it would be abnormal for me to be nonchalant about it. I'm not too worried about anything going wrong just forgetting something really important. If I say it will be ready for 2pm but it isn't ready until half past it isn't really a biggie but if I forget the cranberry sauce then it is!!

I would have to be really stupid to forget any ingredients though because that list has been written out about twenty times along with the 'evening food' list and 'snack ideas' list. At the moment I can't seem to go a couple of hours without re-writing said lists. If I manage to go shopping and either forget one of these many lists or forget an item of food or ingredient I may as well be put down. There is half a tree in my handbag to remind me what I need!

FESTIVE: My gingerbread men from Jo.

In other festive news my friend Jo popped by yesterday after work for a quick coffee and gave me some festive gingerbread men that she had made (so cute!!). They are sitting proudly on the tree at the mo (out of sight so I can resist the urge to eat them!) Other festive thoughts I am having is that while my husband does overtime at work tomorrow I really should wrap the christmas presents so they are ready to go, I also really should go and get some christmas cards to send out (every year I say I'm not sending them and then feel guilty when I start receiving cards so rush out and buy a pack and hastily write them all out in one evening in the hope to get them out in good time for christmas).

My biggest thought at moment though is the fact that this time next week work will be over and done with for 2012 and I will (hopefully) be walking around Lakeside shopping centre looking for a party dress for New Years Eve. Lipsy have got tons of GORGEOUS dresses in a the moment. I was purusing their website a couple of evenings ago and am now obsessed and counting down the days to when I can go look at them and eventually buy one.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and lets hope the sun makes an appearance at some point tomorrow! It feels like it has been night time all day today!


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