Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Feeling festive!

As I have said before, I am a big kid when it comes to Christmas! I am enjoying the build up even more knowing that the presents have been bought... I finished online shopping for hubby on Sunday night so have just got to wait for them to arrive now. Exciting!! This weekend we are sorting out the last few bits we need for Christmas dinner and then all we have to worry about is buying the veg nearer the time.

FESTIVE: My first mince pie of 2012 (home made by mum!)

Last week when it snowed I was so shocked! I hadn't looked at the weather so did not expect to see it falling when I looked bleary eyed out of the kitchen window early that morning while making my coffee. It always looks so pretty and just the right amount fell so as not to cause too much aggro on the roads!(although it still did as of course there was no grit in preperation for it!)

The conservatory is where our dining table is therefore it is where we will eat christmas dinner so I have made sure it feels very festive in there too with candles and fairy lights. It gets quite nippy in there though so Patrick has picked up a heater to pre warm it before dinner as the radiator in there isn't enough to battle these freezing temperatures! (I know it will be hot once people are in there and hot food is being served but no one wants to serve hot food in a chilly conservatory as it will get cold too quick).

SNOW: Our wintery back garden last week.

Everything seems to be ticking along which is very nice indeed but leaves me just the slightest bit uneasy as I feel that means I must be forgetting something. I have written out about twenty lists of what I want and need for dinner and everyones presents just to reassure myself that I haven't forgotten anything but it still doesn't seem to ease my mind! I guess I will just have to wait and see on the day if something comes up! If everyone is sitting around slightly merry, wearing paper hats with their bellys rumbling and I have forgotten the turkey I'll soon know my inklings were right.

Ooh! order turkey......

LIGHTS: Our conservatory is pretty much ready for Christmas day!


  1. Love your blog coudl you follow mine??


  2. YOU HAD SNOW! I am so jealous! haha x

    1. I know! only a dusting though so don't worry :) xx


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