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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Junk Mail Misery

In today's world technology is evolving at the fastest rate it ever has. The gadgets and devices you can buy now are incredible from a smart phone to a 3D TV or fibre optic broadband to movement sensor games consoles. The world is so small now thanks to things like Skype and Facebook that talking to a loved one far away can feel as though you are talking to them while they are just in the next room. Sadly, there is a down side to this amazing modern world of communication we live in and that is more and more junk mail (or spam as it is usually called nowadays).
Back in a simpler time we only had to worry about junk mail coming through our door or the odd sales call now and then or maybe at worst a door to door salesman knocking just as you wanted to serve dinner. Now we not only have those existing annoyances to content with, we also have spam emails, texts, pop ups and mobile phone calls to boot. They seem to be becoming more and more frequent and they are driving me up the wall!!!
Every other day I seem to get a text message telling me that I have not yet completed my claim for a PPI refund or for the accident I had three years ago. I get people calling my mobile, pronouncing my name completely wrong and then asking me 'How are you today?' in a bid to reel me in to their sales web (I would love to one day tell them I'm having a very bad day and see how they react).
Call me a grumpy old woman if you want to but it is really starting to aggrevate me. At work I get a lot of sales calls for my boss who has told me to always advise them he isn't interested, yet if I say that to the caller, they turn rude and strongly advise me they would rather hear that from him not his secretary as if it is me keeping them from talking to him. He is a busy man who gets tons of sales calls a day, of course he isn't interested in taking them! He wouldn't get anything done. As for me? well I am a busy woman especially when I'm at home. If I am not doing housework I am cooking dinner or cleaning up after it, doing washing, writing or doing up furniture and decorating. I definitely DO NOT have time to talk to someone who can barely understand me on a phone connection that has an awful time delay. It isn't their fault, thye have to earn a living but why does it have to intrude into my life? Why am spoken to so rudely if I say I am not interested or god forbid, mention it is sales call ('Madam, this is NOT a sales call' is usually the response I get to that statement).
I guess what aggs me the most is they are such a regular occurance now. I get at least ten spam emails in my inbox a day,  spam texts and calls every other day (not including the sales calls at work, there's too many of them to mention) not to mention the stuff that comes the old fashioned way via the postman. I think what I also dislike is how they get your details, you have to be so careful when buying online or submitting your details now to ensure you're not agreeing that the company you are dealing with can sell on your details to others. I get junk mail in the post in my name at work and have no idea how. How could that ever happen? It is so sneaky.
You can register your mobile and landline telphone for free with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) which is worth doing as I did it at the flat and noticed a difference. Unfortunately it doesn't stop the calls from abroad but I noticed a big difference in how many calls we got. We haven't hurried to get a landline in the house yet because of sales calls but when we get one I will register us again. I remember once not long after my grandad had had a heart attack (in fact he was still in hospital) we got a phonecall at 3am which I of course automatically thought was terrible news but it was just a sales call. I was so angry and upset and didn't sleep for the rest of the night. That was when I found out about TPS and registered us. Do it if you are having a lot of issues with nuiscence callers!
Sadly, we can't stop them or get rid of them it is just one of life's annoyances in the modern world we live in that we have to deal with. Let's just hope it doesn't get worse!
NB - Just as I finished this post I got a junk email regarding my credit score...it is almost as if their ears were burning!


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