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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Look to the future now, it's only just begun...

It is Saturday and it is the first day of the festive holidays... What a glorious feeling!

I love the idea of being able to wake up without an alarm, spend lots of time with my hubby and most of all I am looking forward to eating, drinking and being VERY merry!! In fact I have already started...

The christmas break has already been festive what with finishing very early yesterday (Thanks Liam!) then going to collect our nice plump turkey and do the festive food shop which, although it was busy and there were rude trolley rammers, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The only problem I was faced with was the cranberry sauce had sold out. Argh! The ONE thing I kept panicking that I would forget to buy... No matter though as we need to go and get the festive booze tomorrow so I will make sure we will come away with a jar of the stuff even if I have to hunt some down.

In the early hours of this morning (around 4am) I woke up to the sound of water running. In a sleepy haze of panic I had an image of some part of the house being flooded! We found it was the kitchen tap which had been playing up for a couple of days, it was running and wouldn't stop no matter how tight you turned it off. Great!! Que turning of the water, going back to bed and trying to get back sleep without thinking about ringing plumbers.

Luckily, we did get back to sleep and we did get the tap sorted so that minor disaster was over and done with quite quickly. Was annoying knowing I had a pile of washing taller than me upstairs and remembering to turn the water back on before going to the loo. The plumber wasn't on time by a long shot which made me worry he wasn't coming but he did in the end. Better late than never as they say!!

Patrick rushed into town this morning for a well overdue hair cut after wrapping all our pressies (he is surprisingly better at it than me and I think secretly enjoys it) Only to find people queuing out the door waiting so instead he decided to treat himself to some new clothes and shoes to go to football in (I have trained him well!!) I love that he bought himself another festive jumper to go out in, I thought he would cringe at the idea when I first mentioned us getting one.

After he left and the plumber had been and gone I decided to indulge in Sky plus and watch the films I have recorded. I was meant to do housework but figured I would make my first festive day off a bit of a lazy one! I did wrap Patricks presents though and get most of the washing done so it was semi - productive. Patrick is out tomorrow though as this time of year is now the mans time to shop. He will be out (hungover) getting my christmas presents as he does every year. I have already warned him that if the hangover affects his present buying judgement there will be trouble!!! :) this means that while he is out I can get on with housework ready for the christmas celebrations.

Right now I am watching Bridget Jones's Diary with a glass of wine and my home made chips in the oven. I have a lovely bit of rump steak ready to cook to accompany them and am very much looking forward to eating them! The steak is huge too so it is a very manly dinner. Yum!!

The way it looks, as of tomorrow night I should be almost completely organised! All I have to do on Monday (Christmas Eve) is take the turkey round to my mums as she is cooking it due to having a bigger oven, we will make the stuffing so it is ready for her in the morning and that is it!

So, for now I am going to enjoy having the TV remote to myself... Enjoy my steak when I eat it... Enjoy my wine and wait for my drunken husband to come home.

I may even tear up all my christmas prep lists as a mini celebration.............I may.....

FESTIVE: Patrick in his new jumper.


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