Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My latest furniture project..

My latest furniture project it almost complete and I have to say it is my most favourite item so far. I just LOVE it! The colour I have chosen looks better than I thought it would and the item itself looked fabulous in my head when I started looks amazing now it is real. I just need to put a couple of coats of wax on and it will be ready to sit proudly in the hall looking gorgeous.

My bargain hall table cost me just £30 and was in such good condition. Now it almost looks completely different and has a whole new lease of life thanks to my homemade chalk paint mixture!

BEFORE: My bargain hall table.

I gave it thicker coats of paint than I did previously on my bedside tables so it would be more 'hard wearing' unfortunately that meant some of the paint slowly ran down the legs as they dried causing a gloopy 'drip' looking finish! (Think of the wax on candlesticks after they have been lit, put out and then been left to dry). Luckily as it was quite thick I was able to sand them down to a smoother look (and distress any parts that I sanded too much)

You have to be careful if you mix up chalk paint and then come back ito it a couple of hours later to do another coat as the tile grout can go a bit gritty which then transfers onto your furniture when you apply. If it happens it can be easily sanded off but it is best to mix it up again for a few minutes before applying the next coat so that it doesn't happen and saves you hassle.

I can't wait to have this in the hall, especially when my distressed mirror goes up and the walls are papered. It is going to look so nice!

I think I may have a bit of a break from doing up furniture now and focus on Christmas and New Year celebrations before starting the sideunit for the living room. I say that now but can imagine after a week I will be itching to start it....It is like an obsession!

*NB - The finished table pictures still have dust on them from where I was mid - sanding.

AFTER: My near completed masterpiece!

AFTER: Drawers which are half way through being sanded for a smoother finish.


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