Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Pre Crimbo Detox.

With two weeks to go until the Christmas holidays I decided I needed to tighten my belt....the belt that goes around my waist that is.

I don't know about anyone else but come December any healthy eating routines go out of the window and I find the tiniest excuse to spend the month eating and drinking like the end of the world is nigh (errr).

I weighed myself yesterday and was very happy to find that I have not put on any weight despite my questionable eating in fact I may have even lost a couple of pounds, as I weighed myself late Sunday night after eating a big roast dinner and two mince pies (eeeek). I think my thing is that I just know my body so well now and know what I can get away with eating day to day if I am going to be naughty and also know when it is time to stop and start eating well again. In general I don't eat much and I do eat well. Processed food like McDonalds is a rare treat and in general even if we eat naughty it is usually home made.

No matter though because from now up until Christmas I am back to eating little and often so I can be plump and merry over the holidays and not worry! My diet until then will consist of protein, good fats and lots of veg! Exciting eh? It will all be worth it though when I'm in a food coma from too much turkey, champagne and mince pies.... I can't wait!


HEALTHY: Good food little and often is my plan until the Christmas holidays.

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